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Robert Seymour BridgesSt Maur (alias Robert Seymour Bridges II) is a portraitist who resurrected an artistic desire curtailed by a different career path. Born exactly 100 years after his namesake and poet laureate ancestor, he has also written poetry but original art has long been a passion and an investment thus it is drawing and painting that occupy most of his non- working hours.  In a relatively short artistic career, he has studied alongside English, Irish, French, Italian, Caribbean and American artists and has participated in several exhibitions, mainly in France. His major contemporary influences include Rene Boutang (France) and Martin Superville (Tobago). His main interests are portraits and figures and his rare steps into other areas usually include someone doing something.  Ventures into impressionism and abstracts are rare too - and recent.


Robert's work is among those presented in International Contemporary Artists, Volumes IX and X. IncoArtists Link He was also honoured to write the preface for two of Rene Boutang's books: L'Art de Dire and Breves de Chevalet  and to be a co-founder of Art Alive (3A).


NB: St Maur, the Benedictine monk, gave his name to people and places across Europe and in England with the Anglicised version, Seymour.  This included Robert's family and ancestors.



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